The James Family

This is the James family. Comprised of two brothers, Paul and Timothy, and a sister named Sarah. In 2012, the children lost their father. Not long after, they lost their mother  in 2013. It has now been over two years since the James siblings have been on their own without a guardian or any means to stay in school.



This is Paul.

He is thirteen years old and is a caregiver to his younger siblings due to the death of their parents.  In order to care for them, he must pick up odd end jobs while trying to obtain an education at the same time. With so much responsibility on his plate, the Back to School Project seeks to provide him with as much assistance and care as possible. Paul loves coming to the project to hear the good news in the Word of God. His heart is so thankful to have the extra help. After finishing school, he dreams of becoming a businessman so that he can provide others with jobs and bring development to his own country.


This is Sarah.

She is currently in the fourth grade. After she finishes her schooling, she hopes to be a nurse. Sarah is a very intelligent girl who has big dreams for the future. We know that through her love for God and others, she has the potential to create a lasting impact on those around her.  Sarah told us that the nicest thing she has ever done for someone was sharing the Word of God with them.  Along with learning, Sarah’s favorite thing to do is play netball(similar to basketball). Although life proves to be difficult, Sarah always wears a smile on her face. We couldn’t be more proud of her heart for others and her desire to learn.


This is Timothy.

He is in the first grade at Likhubula Primary School. After he finishes school, he would love to become a pilot. The idea of flying in the air is so very exciting. He loves playing his favorite game of soccer with his best friend Chikondi Kapesi.To describe Timothy, here are five words that he gave: Patient. Prayerful. Faithful. Hopeful. Generous.What wonderful things to be, even at such a young age!

Would you consider sponsoring any of the James family as they do the best they can to get an education?

Check out our website or email for more information.


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