Mellium Kapsule

Mellium Kapsule is a lively seven year old student at Agape House. Thankfully, she was never found out in the streets and has been under the care of her aunt Alpha along with her two older siblings after their parents passed away several years ago. They enjoy attending church together each week as a family. Although circumstances have proven to be difficult for her, she always wears a bright smile on her face.

Mellium loves coming to Agape House to learn for free. This week, she learned about the English alphabet and spent time practicing writing numbers in mathematics. She longs to become more educated so that she can fulfill all of her dreams. When she grows older and finishes school, she aspires to be a nurse who can treat ill people. During the break times at Agape, she loves to jump rope, play hand games with her friends, and just be silly.

When we asked her to describe herself, she gave these five words:

Talkative. Intelligent. Hard working. Loving. Generous.

Mellium is truly a sweet, fun loving girl. She brings a such a bright presence to Agape House with her warm smile and her kind demeanor. She is confident in her future because she knows that her life is in God’s hands.

Heavenly Father, Mellium is such a blessing to so many people. Thank you for giving her such a kind and goofy personality. Father, you indeed have her life in your hands and you are familiar with all of her ways. Protect her and guide her down your path. She has such great faith for someone so young. Continue to build her confidence in who you are and your love for her. In Jesus’ name.


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