Family Fun Zone for Agape Students

Recently, Agape House Blantyre students were incredibly blessed by a local volunteer named Malta who has been giving the students music lessons over the holiday break- which the students love of course! Malta organized a Family Fun Zone event in which she invited the Agape Students to perform their music live on stage. Not only did she train them, organize the event, and invite our students, Malta even provided transportation and food for the children during the event. Our kids had a blast in the bounce house, playing soccer, tug of war, and participating in a dance competition.  What is more, our students had an opportunity to interact with other children who were of different racial and ethnic backgrounds than them and were able to eat, play, and do all things together during the event. This was the first time our students participated but it is evident that they were thrilled and extremely happy to have been apart of it. Our students reported to Isaac Friday, a faithful staff member at Agape House that, “that the program was so good and they wished it could have been 2 or 3 day program. The children told me that I should tell Marta to organize another fun zone program very soon.”

Thank you so much Malta for your kindness and service to our children!



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