Update on Cyclone Relief in Malawi

Thanks to those who have given!

Donated funds have been sent to pastors to distribute for emergent needs such as pots and pans, blankets, clothes and food. The situation in Malawi is very difficult especially in areas near the rivers. Homes and churches have fallen down and personal belongings have been lost. Promising crops were washed away, and the remaining fields are waterlogged. There has been a great loss of lives, and many are still missing. Many people who have been made homeless are sheltering in schools. Prayers are need for the pastors who are comforting those who are grieving, and also sharing the hope of Jesus in this challenging time. We are accepting donations for this crisis on our website http://www.agapescholars.org or by mail Agape Scholars International, Inc. 108 S Spruce Street, Greenville, IL 62246


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