Welcome to Agape Scholars International

ry%3D4040Agape Scholars International, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was developed after Dr. Eugene A. Dunkley Jr. and his wife Jennifer Dunkley spent eleven months in Malawi. During their time in Malawi, Dr. Dunkley worked as a visiting Fulbright professor at the College of Medicine, University of Malawi in Blantyre while his wife worked as a volunteer at a charity that focused on the welfare of street children. It was during this experience that they became aware of the social exclusion faced by street children. The requirement of a school uniform also excludes children who are living at the lowest levels of poverty from getting an education. This situation has led to a need to provide access to basic education for street children and children that are no longer able to attend school due to costs.

In 2013 Agape House was opened in Blantyre, Malawi. Our objective is to improve literacy, increase access to education, and foster positive relationships in the Blantyre community. Agape House believes education and faith in Jesus Christ are the best ways to empower children to overcome adversity.

For more information visit our website:

Agape Scholars International, Inc.


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